Anderson Computer Consulting Services Guestbook

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1Sun Aug 8 1999 19:51Adolphus Anderson
This is my first entry in my guestbook.
2Wed Sep 8 1999 16:41Candi
see i told you i would sign you book for you.
I hope this page brings lots of good luck with
your job. it looks good. I will spread the word
about you page for you. take care.
3Sat Sep 11 1999 09:24M.E.Watt
good luck!
4Sat Sep 11 1999 09:57Teri
very nice
5Sat Sep 11 1999 12:17Serena B. Clarke
I will keep in my mind if I ever own a business!!!
6Sat Sep 11 1999 16:50Eduardo Aviz
Good luck !!!
7Sat Sep 11 1999 16:51Eduardo Aviz
Good luck !!!
8Sun Sep 12 1999 18:21Trina
Your the best!!!!! Good Luck
9Sat Sep 25 1999 20:34Vernon
Lotsa luck. :o)
10Mon Sep 27 1999 22:48Janee F Hebert
Just a note to let you know that I was "shopping" around, and came up with your site. Keep up the good work. Love ya and God Bless self sufficient men!@! :-)
11Thu Oct 14 1999 16:23Michelle Merkel
I like the layout of your page. It is clear and consise.
12Mon Oct 25 1999 16:26Joe DaWulf
This is cool! I can't wait to start my own company ...
13Tue Nov 2 1999 16:54Bill
Is this help free on ICQ Active list.
Thank You . BILL
14Sun Nov 7 1999 18:35Ingrid Bankston
15Sun Nov 28 1999 21:38Lisa Thompson
As requested.. The guestbook is signed. :)
16Mon Nov 29 1999 19:26Christina Weber
Hey, I just thought I would check out your page and sign your guestbook.... hummmm to young to own a company so, I guess I'm no use at the time being... hehe but anyways, I'll pass the page along. :P Laterz. ~*Chrissy*~
17Wed Dec 8 1999 06:51Elizabeth A. Shaw
18Wed Dec 8 1999 07:29Joanne Hamann

Need the best computer at the lowest price possible.
19Wed Dec 8 1999 07:27Diana Contreras
So do I get anything if I refer people to you? :)
20Mon Jan 10 2000 16:05LaDeborah Myers
I love your web page
21Wed Jan 12 2000 19:23Ingi
Hi Andy thought I would browse for a while
22Tue Jan 18 2000 18:47Amy
cool site.
23Mon Feb 7 2000 23:18Felicia Degrate
24Sun Apr 30 2000 14:24Michelle Merkel
Great site. Very well put together. :-)
25Sun Jul 9 2000 19:19lildreamer
Hi, just joined your ICQ group & thought I would say hi
26Sun Jul 9 2000 19:19lildreamer
Hi, just joined your ICQ group & thought I would say hi
27Sat Aug 5 2000 12:16Vicky
I enjoyed you web page. Good luck